Bingo – UK Style

Bingo – UK Style

UK Bingo is an interesting game that has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. One reason for this rapid spread in its popularity is the fact that it can be played anywhere and anytime. All that is required to organize or participate in a bingo game are some bingo cards and bingo chips, and a few players with the ability to identify numbers and zest to win. Bingo can be played in churches, at charity houses, social functions and parties.

Several people in the United Kingdom who are hooked on online bingo spend and win millions of U.K. pounds every year. Both versions of the game, bingo played in parlors and online bingo are popular in the U.K.

How To play bingo, U.K. Style

Bingo is usually played in the U.K. with numbers between one and ninety, both numbers inclusive. You can play it with tickets, unlike in the United States where bingo cards are used. Each ticket consists of three rows and nine columns; every row has five numbers and altogether each ticket has fifteen numbers on it. You must buy enough tickets so that they last for an entire session. Generally, each session is of an hour’s duration and around three to eight games are played per session. A book consisting of a group of six tickets and ninety numbers can also be bought in order to play bingo in UK.

Winning Criteria

It is natural for players participating in a bingo session to do so with an intention to win. The probability of winning the reward is what drives them, keeps them spirited and enthusiastic. If you are playing Bingo in UK, it is important for you to familiarize yourselves with the winning criterion in the version of the game played in the country. Typically, one of the following three needs to happen for you to win a game of bingo:

You should get all the five numbers in the first row of your ticket. You should get five numbers in both the first and the second line. You should get all the numbers in all the three rows, which is known as full house.

The Grand Finale

When a player’s ticket fulfills any one of the above-mentioned conditions, they must call out “house” in order to claim their victory. When a player gets five numbers in the first row, the game comes to a halt for a brief while in order for the organizers to ascertain the win and display the winning ticket on a screen. The game needs to continue till all the three lines on the ticket are won. In order to claim multi- line win, the lines should exist on the same ticket. The prize pool is divided among the lucky players with the three winning combinations. The major chunk of the prize money is obviously reserved for the player who wins with a full house.

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