Baby Shower Games, Games, and Games

Baby Shower Games, Games, and Games

Baby Bingo Your guests will have a blast playing BINGO while the mommy-to-be opens her presents.

Directions: When mommy opens a gift, the guest check their Baby BINGO card for the item. If you have the item, place a small diaper pin (or whatever you have to use) on that item. When you get a Baby BINGO you must yell “Baby BINGO”. If you just yell BINGO, you must take off one of your diaper pins on your Baby Bingo. Then continue playing. Whoever gets a Baby Bingo first wins.

Celebrity Baby Match Who doesn’t love some celebrity gossip? This will be a hit at the baby shower.

Directions: Match the baby name with the correct celebrity parents (Maddox to Angelina Jolie, for example). The first person to correctly finish the list wins.

Unscramble the Words Challenge your guests to unscramble words that have to do with childbirth and babies.

Directions: The first to correctly unscramble or the person who correctly unscramble the most within a time limit wins. (ex: sitbenas is bassinet and peidar is diaper).

Mommy-to-be Pregnancy Trivia This is supposed to be all about Mommy and her pregnancy. Let’s test everyone to see who has been the best friend or family member.

Directions: Make a list of questions about the mom’s pregnancy. Ask the guest the questions first and have them write their answers down. Then ask the mom-to-be the questions and as she answers everyone can check their answers. Whoever gets the most right wins. (ex. When did you find out you were pregnant?)

Guess the Girth Now don’t be shy. It’s time to guess momma’s size. This is a baby shower game favorite.

Directions: Ask guests to cut a length of string that they think will stretch around the future mom’s belly. After everyone has had a turn, the mother-to-be measures and cuts a string that fits her belly. Compare her string to the pieces of string from each guest. The person who is closest wins. You’ll be amazed at what people’s estimates are. It’s a great icebreaker and always good for some laughs.

Some People Never Change Guess the characteristics of the parents-to-be when they were babies.

Directions: Ask the grandparents to write down what the parents were like as babies (ex. time of birth, height, weight, first tooth, first smile, age when toilet-trained, and early signs of their personality. Based on that information, make up a mommy or daddy quiz. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

My Water Broke Just sit back and wait.

Directions: The day before the shower, freeze diaper pins, miniature pacifiers, or similar items in ice cube trays. Give each guest an ice cube in a glass of water or other drink. The first person whose ice melts so that the item floats freely shouts, “My water broke!” and wins the game.

Dress the Baby Who doesn’t love to play house?

Directions: Get a life-size baby doll, receiving blanket, cloth diaper, diaper wrap, and onesie. Guests take turns trying dressing the baby. Time each guest — the one who does it fastest wins.

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