A Raffle Drum Is A Creative Way To Raise Funds

A Raffle Drum Is A Creative Way To Raise Funds

A raffle drum is the perfect investment for those in charge of fundraisers, sporting events, school functions, promotional giveaways, company or corporate events, birthday parties, casino bingo and even trade shows. A raffle drum creatively collects funds for charities or rewards employees in the workplace for a job well done. Raffle drums provide a fun opportunity for guests, customers, or friends to participate in your contests, games, and other charitable events. Three popular trends in raffle drums that you have probably seen in action are fabricated from either steel, clear acrylic, or another form of plastic known as PETG. All three materials are engineered for durability to withstand many uses and last for years.

An acrylic raffle drum is clear to enhance excitement as attendees watch raffle tickets pile up and rotate inside. They range in size to meet your need, from mini counter top versions to larger floor-standing models. Built for portability and mobility, a floor standing display includes wheels with locking casters to keep it in place, but also unlock to easily wheel it to the next location. Counter top versions have sturdy stationary bases and many including rubber feet. The raffle drum generally has an easy open hinged door with a lock and key to prevent from tampering. Most acrylic drawing drums have pin locks to hold the spinning device in place while loading and unloading tickets, and many feature an acrylic lever that is easy to turn. Acrylic drums are available in various shapes, including circular or octagonal designs.

A steel raffle drum is generally brass-plated and typically has a perforated metal pattern so you can still see the contents or tickets inside. These shiny attractive displays are very popular because they are constructed from high quality, wear-resistant brass plated steel to withstand thousands of spins. Designed for easy turning and random ticket mixing, these raffle drums may include an easy grip wooden turning handle to rotate the display. This raffle drum style varies in size to accommodate for holding up to 10,000 tickets and features a trap door centered on the drum. This door is reliably secured with a durable latch for easily drawing the winning ticket, or for loading a large volume of tickets. The raffle drum also includes a ticket drop slot to insert tickets without having to open the door.

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd of traditional raffle drum users, try using a themed drawing display to draw attention to your trade show booth or special cause. Many of these designer drums feature rotating devices with unique shapes like that of a football or a globe. Another example is a raffle drum designed with a collection of dollar bills on it. Most themed displays are fabricated from PETG plastic, which is an excellent choice for applications that require durability and clarity. Polyethylene terepthalate glycol or PETG plastic is a transparent thermoplastic sheet material that has outstanding thermoformability (which means it can be molded easily while heated) and excellent impact resistance. Raffle themes are great for specific functions, like sporting events or workplace contests. Many include sign plates for custom logos or signs to display what the charity or event is for. I have seen a football raffle drum where the rotating device looks exactly like a football and the base is designed to look like a goal post. Themed drawing displays are cute and creative to use for team jersey giveaways, or even game tickets.

Those in charge of contests, sweepstakes, charities, educational events, prize giveaways, bingo games, employee functions, and even trade show events all benefit from employing a raffle drum of some style. Raffle drums are fun and easy to use, and also create an amusing way to draw crowds, encourage participation, and raise money for important charitable events.

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