5 Fun Party Games For Direct Sales That Will Boost Your Business

5 Fun Party Games For Direct Sales That Will Boost Your Business

If you’re in direct sales, the cash is all in the parties you do. You need your hostess and her guests to have as much fun as practicable but simultaneously, you want to teach them on and interest them in your products. You might also want to plant the notion of one of them changing into a specialist. Party games can finish all this while providing entertainment to the guests. Here are a couple of our favourite games. Give them a try and watch your business grow.

1 ) Bingo

This is a simple best-ever favourite and a straightforward way to introduce a wide selection of products to the group.

Create some bingo cards by drawing a 4 by four box grid on a chunk of paper. Write Free on the center box. Then write the names of your products on the leftover boxes in randomised sequence on each one of the bingo cards and make yourself a group of cards with only one of the products on each card.

2 ) begin to know one another Game

This game leads to a nice icebreaker, particularly if most of the guests do not know one another. It could also give you some clues about who could be a potential prospect.

3 ) How Well did you know Your Hostess?

Give a chunk of paper to every one of your visitors and have them number it from one to 10.

Then ask them to reply to the following questions.

1 ) What is your hostess’s favourite color?

2 ) If she may have any auto, what would it be?

3 ) how many youngsters does she have?

4 ) what’s her favourite hobby?

5 ) Who is her fave actor?

6 ) what’s her favourite animal?

7 ) what’s her favourite Television show?

8 ) what’s her fave food?

9 ) what’s her fave smell or smell?

After everybody writes down their answers ( including the hostess ), read the questions again and have the hostess tell everybody her answers. The other guests mark on their papers if they got it wrong or right. The person who has the most write answers wins a little prize or discount on their purchase.

Tell your guests that you’re going to read them a tale and they should pass the gift to the individual to the right when they hear the word right and to the left when you mention left. The individual holding the present at the end of the tale gets to keep it.

Here is the tale :

I arrived right on time and set up my ( insert your company name ) display right over here.

You all arrived and sat down. I’m hoping nothing will be left out. In just a moment I can show you our new range of ( insert your sort of products ) products.

If you left home with the aim of buying gifts tonight, you may find we have got the right gift for everyone.

This game is the best way to get your visitors considering joining your company.

Get or make up some tickets.

Tell your visitors that for the following three mins you’re going to play Ask Me About My Job. The first to come up with a query will get three tickets, the second person will get 2 and each question after that earns one ticket.

You will hear questions like How long have you been doing this? and how many hours a week do you work? Answer them as definitely as practicable. Good answers to the questions above would be I have been doing this for twelve months and I have never had such a lot of fun and I only work evenings and weekends because I would like to be home with my youngsters.

You’ll have another short QA session towards the end of the party ( your guests will have thought of some further inquiries by then ). After with a drawing for a tiny prize.

This game is an amazing opportunity for you to teach your visitors about your business and they may see how could benefit them.

All these can simply be changed and altered to work for you and the exact direct marketing operation that you represent. Go out there and have a good time!


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