10 Tips To Help You Get More Fun And Money Out Of Bingo

10 Tips To Help You Get More Fun And Money Out Of Bingo

Most bingo players are aware of the fact that bingo is a social activity and you may find yourself too hooked in the bingo community to really care about the following tips. Using any of the following tips however will not take out any of the fun in bingo but they will help you towards winning more money and help to infact increase you fun.

1.This tip should be obvious to everyone but when you have been playing bingo for a few hours you may forget how much money you may have spent. You always need to make sure that you are only spending the money that you can afford to lose. Never take the risk with money that you cannot pay back just in case you do end up losing.

2.This tip only applies at bingo halls as online software marks your cards for you. People tend to buy only the amount of cards they think they can mark but are not aware of that a strip of cards (6 tickets) contains every number that will come out. This means that every time a number is called you know you have that number rather than taking a while to try and find a number you may not have.

3.Always think about the ticket prices. Higher tickets usually mean bigger jackpots but fewer other bingo players; this means you will have better odds of winning. Lower ticket prices tend to have more people playing and a similar pot or even less of a pot depending on how low ticket prices are.

4.Make sure if you are playing online that the site you are using is reliable. You do not want to win a huge jackpot on an online site for the site to turn around and say that there is a catch for new players and that you are not eligible for a jackpot win.

5.If you are playing bingo at a bingo hall the rule of play as many cards as possible goes out of the window. If you buy way too many cards that you cannot keep your eyes on then you will hurt your chances of winning. The chances are you will miss the occasional number and it only takes one number to cost you the game.

6.If you are simply in it for the big money then your best chances are usually around the weekends were more people play online bingo and around the evenings on week days when people finish work. The rooms usually get their fullest during this time which means bigger jackpots.

7.Many online bingo sites will offer some kind of promotion to try and get you to sign up and deposit. Some will have first time deposits while others will have a recurring deposit bonus and even regular promotions. You need to find out if these promotions have any catches and if they give you the money in real money or something that is known as bingo bonus points.

8.Most online sites have an auto- dauber feature that will mark the cards for you. However there are a few sites that let you mark the cards manually. This is so the fun keeps in the game. If you find the caller going too fast for you just simply turn the auto- dauber feature on and it will do the work for you

9.If you are someone who does not really care about the huge jackpots and who would rather win small pots that are up for grabs each game then your best bet is to play bingo through the week in the mornings. The reason for this is because this is where the bingo rooms are at their emptiest so you will have better odds of you winning

10.Some online bingo sites host special chat games that will win some players extra money and prizes. Try to keep an eye out on the chat rooms for the chat hosts announcing any of these special games.

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